What is a Facebook Marketing Partner and Are They Worth It?

A Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) is a closely vetted marketing agency that Facebook has given it’s “stamp of approval” to. If you come across a FMP, you know they’re legit. They have spent a significant amount of Facebook ads, so are very experienced and likely have been around for a long time.

You will want to look out for this badge to separate them from the rest:

If you think this logo looks new and different you’re right! It used to look like this:

Facebook even has a Directory saving you from the headache of worrying whether an agency is reputable or not. Now you can simply look them up to determine if Facebook has designated them as a Marketing Partner or not.But how can I be sure?

I recommend doing this search before working with anyone. The last thing you want is to hand over your ads and business over to a stranger, regardless of who they say they are

Search here for reputable agencies:

We’re AdVenture Marketing and a designated Facebook Marketing Partner. We’re here to transform and grow your business through Facebook & Instagram ads. You know exactly what you will get with us. 

Sure you could find some other smaller agencies who claim “bigger and better” results and most likely for cheaper, but they are most likely still overcharging you! What do I mean by that? I mean how could somebody who’s cheaper be overcharging you compared to a legit FMP?

They’re overcharging you in terms of dollars spent per result. Outputs over inputs. They may cost less per month, but the results you will get will be much less, so in the long term it can actually be cheaper to go with the more reputable agency, not just a friend of a friend who recently started doing Facebook ads as a side gig.

You will get the undivided attention of a Facebook Marketing Partner because there is so much more at stake for them. They have taken the time to build a reputable name for themselves and they want to keep it that way. On the other side, the new little guys have very little to lose. 

I’m sure we’ve all been burned before by some new business that made all sorts of claims that sounded wonderful at the beginning, only for them to take our money never to hear from them again. It happens in the world of online ads just like it can happen in the construction industry.

When can I get started? The answer is now! Online business was a hot topic and essential service in 2019, but now it’s even more so in 2020. It’s essential to survive. 

Here’s one of our clients in the beauty industry who completely turned their business around by going AdVenture Marketing.

They were running ads before working with us, only to break even or lose money each month. They had a solid product, but lacked the proper ad strategy to connect with their future customers. We met that need and still do!

Here’s what we did for them:

  • Our first month together we spent 150% of their entire previous year’s budget. We started scaling ASAP!
  • We maintained a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 4 times! Every dollar they poured into ads they received four in revenue. 
  • We also grew their online presence and built a loyal customer base. The Long Term Value (LTV) was huge! Now they have repeat customers who will buy more products even without getting targeted by ads.

Book a call with us today so we can transform your business today: 

If you’re feeling stuck on your Facebook ads, running into backend problems or compliance issues, we can help you out. Leave this complicated world to the experts. 

We’ve spent several years learning from out $30 million ad spend and have our strategies dialed in. Allow us to save you time and major headaches; that’s the last thing you need.

What you do need is to grow your business and quickly! Here’s some Case Studies to read more about how we’ve helped other businesses grow:

We look forward to jumping on a call with you and transforming your business today!

-AdVenture Marketing

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