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3. Read through the case studies below 👇

You’ll find a lot of examples of how we’ve helped companies (companies just like yours) scale their business and grow their revenue. MUCH faster than they could have done on their own.

Case Study: SaaS Lead Generation

BEFORE: This company sells a software to realtors via a free 7 day trial signup. When we first took over the account in June 2019, they had brought in 581 trials at $98 over the course of 5 months. Their goal was to get trial signups for $75/trial.

They were paying way too much to receive their signups. 


AFTER: After the first 5 months of working together, we started spending more money and brought in 1585 trials at $57. We lowered their trial cost by 42%, brought their average trial cost down $18 from their goal and now they have thousands of realtors using their service.


We tripled their revenue in the first 5 months!

Not only was their cost per client decreasing, but we also scaled their business and tripled their revenue!

We’re continually bringing in over 500 signups monthly through our E-commerce AdVenture ad strategy and lowering ad costs every month. We’ve improved retention rates, as well as bringing back trial users who never converted to a sale the first time, back to us. Their team has doubled in size since we’ve started working together and now we’re working focusing on scaling the ads to reach our goal of getting 3000 new trial signups per month by October, 2020.

Case Study: Health & Beauty

BEFORE: This business was relatively new and started from nothing! In 2018 they spent $18,000 in ads and in 2019 they grew frustrated and spent only $6000. 

Their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) ranged from 0.92 to 1.04. 

The business needed a revamped website, sales funnels, and tons of split-testing to maximize sales.  

AFTER: We implemented our split-testing and sales funnel methods to maximize sales. The first month of working together we spent $9000 on ads – that’s 150% of their previous year’s budget spent in 30 days!

Not only were we scaling their business and acquiring new clients, we brought in $39,000 in that first month with a ROAS over 4!

From Losing Money To A 4X Return On Ads!

Every single dollar they were pouring into their Facebook ads was being quadrupled into revenue. Talk about a wise investment! We helped this business grow and we know we can do the same for you.

Case Study: Personal Development Coloring Book

BEFORE: This company was selling a calligraphy colouring book that focuses on positivity and meditation. Their ads were all the same, with no variation.  They focused on only one audience and the results showed.

They were spending approximately $60k-$80k per month and hitting the ceiling on future clients. 

AFTER: We created a diverse set of ads targeting multiple audiences with different interests. We also created new ad images and implemented using square and 4×5 videos to better showcase the product for mobile users.

In just 2 months, we spent almost $300,000 on ads, and brought in almost $800,00 in revenue!

Dropped Cost Per Purchase By Over 30%

Not only did their ad spend double as we scaled their business, but their ROAS grew by 30%. We were bringing in new purchases 31% cheaper! We reached 8 million people with 24 million impressions, our ads had 50,000 likes and 20,000 shares, and created an online community for people to engage about these products they were passionate about.

Case Study: Jewelry Industry

BEFORE: This company sells jewellery for grandparents to buy their grandchildren. Within 8 months they had spent $720,000 to obtain a ROAS of 1.62, but they had grown comfortable and were running the same old ads. Their frequency was high, so their audiences grew bored of seeing the same ads on repeat.

They needed a fresh set of eyes to revamp their sales.

AFTER: Within 4 months we had spent over $1 MM on ads while boosting their ROAS to 2.16; they spent a million dollars and got over double in revenue!

We did this by creating many new videos and testing dozens of new audiences. Our new strategic angles and ad copy hooks were getting people excited to purchase a gift for their grandchildren.

Doubled Return For a Multi-Million Dollar Business

We also executed a superb Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas campaign, along with setting up retargeting sequences for each individual product and incorporated Dynamic Product Ads to increase their revenue.

Case Study: Training Program For Cyclists

BEFORE: When this company started working with AdVenture Marketing they were feeling lost. Sure they had ads running, but they had only spent under $5700 in 4 months and CPA’s were costing them a whopping $51. Now that number may be good for some businesses, but not these guys.

They were barely scraping the surface as they were focused on only 1 interest audience and were testing 1 Lookalike audience.

AFTER: Immediately after AdVenture Marketing taking over we introduced new audiences and Lookalikes and got their CPA’s down to only $17! That’s one third of where it was before we started!

We did all of this while increasing their ad spend up to $7,100 in the first month and $12,000 in the second month. Using our proven systems we lowered their costs per acquisition by two thirds and we can do it for your business too.

Decreased CPA BY 300% AND Tripled Monthly Revenue

Case Study: Event Industry

BEFORE: This company organizes a muddy obstacle course race in many cities across the country. It was the biggest Obstacle Course Race in the country!

But unfortunately, their ad campaigns were a mess. They were using event responses or link clicks to get people to sign up for their events.

They had spent $19,000 to get a whopping 8 purchases! To say their ads weren’t profitable was an understatement.

AFTER: We used our sales expertise from the e-commerce world and transferred it to the event world and sold many tickets in a 4-pack which helped boost their number of attendees to sell out their events.

We created very relevant ads that challenged people and made them want to purchase a ticket.

Our campaign focused on optimizing Facebook campaigns for ticket purchases rather than simply link clicks that took you straight to the website.

Transformed This Company’s Facebook Marketing

We also created campaigns for individual cities so we could call them out and provide relevant information for them. Along with testing many new interest and lookalike audiences, we setup an expansive retargeting campaign, created many new videos and tested LOTS of new ad copy. Every couple of weeks we would switch it up with different campaigns and promos, then retargeted until people purchased.

Before COVID-19 hit this company hard, we had over 1300 purchases (translating to over 4000 attendees) while maintaining a ROAS of 3.35.

Case Study: Gadget Industry

BEFORE: This business was a start up selling a few tech gadgets. For their first few years their sales were negligible as they struggled to test the market. They had spent $25,000 with their high CPAs keeping them in the red.

They didn’t have a solid benefit statement or understanding of what types of problems their products were solving for future customers.

AFTER: We took over their accounts, optimized their landing pages and sales funnels, and helped them reach their best year ever. We focused on one product at a time, then scaled it once we figured out its audience.

We took them from a ROAS of under 1.0 to 2.12 in just 1 month of working with us. They went from losing money to doubling their money spent on Facebook ads, but we didn’t stop there.

From Losing Money Every Month To $660K In Profit!

We continued to scale them over the Global Pandemic and over six months we had spent $1.4 MM and brought in $2.04 MM in revenue.

This business went from struggling to pay the bills to accumulating $600,000 in profit!

And these studies only scratch the surface.

We are an approved Facebook™ Marketing partner and preferred agency with over $30M in ad spend. We KNOW what works on Facebook and Instagram. And what doesn’t. Stop throwing strategies at the wall to see if they stick. It’s time to bring in the experts. 

And it doesn’t hurt that with our close relationship with Facebook™, we get the ‘white glove’ treatment and access to our own support team (which means your ads do too!)

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