One Year Of Change

Imagine life 12 months ago – quarantine free! It’s nearly impossible to imagine that one year ago I was exploring Italy. I mean, what better way to celebrate my first anniversary with my amazing husband Morgan. He was excelling in his finance career while my business (AdVenture Marketing) was exploding like it never had before. […]

What is a Facebook Marketing Partner and Are They Worth It?

A Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) is a closely vetted marketing agency that Facebook has given it’s “stamp of approval” to. If you come across a FMP, you know they’re legit. They have spent a significant amount of Facebook ads, so are very experienced and likely have been around for a long time. You will want […]

How This Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Business Doubled Their Return

Sometimes businesses see a decline in ROAS as they scale, but the amount of both revenue and profit increase significantly. It’s like getting a piece of a massive pie, instead of having the entire little pie to yourself. But in some cases, like this one, they get a bigger piece of a bigger pie, and who doesn’t love pie!