How This Canadian Software Company Tripled Their Revenue In Less Than 3 Months

Business owners can get so caught up in the time consuming day-to-day operations that by the time it comes to marketing their own product they run out of time and energy. That is where we came in.

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From Startup To Established Business

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a Canadian startup SaaS company in the realty industry for a couple of years now. When they came to us, they had designed well-trusted ad campaigns for Realtors® to find more clients by “digitally doorknocking” with Facebook & Instagram ads. If you’re a Realtor®, then you can appreciate the grind they have to go through to build up their reputation to develop a heavily referral-reliant business.

Now, with this industry-leading software solution, realtors can expedite the process by reaching brand new clients this company’s through ready-to-go Facebook ads, landing pages, a text messaging AI assistant, drip emails, capture forms, best practices, and more!

They knew how to market realtors to their clients, but struggled on marketing themselves to the realtors, the clients of StreetText. Sounds silly, but it’s a common problem that we see; business owners are so caught up in the time consuming day-to-day operations that by the time it comes to marketing their own product they run out of time and energy. That is where we came in. 

Before we partnered, this startup had brought in a total of 581 trials at $98 each five months into the year. Their goal was to bring their cost down to $75 each to increase their margins, but they didn’t know how. 

Triple The Results For Half The Cost

We reviewed their ad campaigns and used our expertise in subscription based models from previous clients and applied our proven strategies. We created new ads, split-tested our ads, grew our audience data for Facebook’s algorithm, 

Within the next 5 months of partnering together we brought in 1585 trials at a lower cost of $57 each! That’s nearly triple the results for half the cost! Not only did we blow them out of the water with the trials that they had to expand their team to keep up to our pace of growth, but we crushed their goal of $75 per trial. 

Now, fast forward to present-day, we are continually bringing in over 500 signups per month, lowering ad costs month over month, and are on our way to scaling to achieve our goal of 3000 new trials each and every month!

Where Are They Now Now?

Since our impact, this company has moved beyond the startup stage; they’ve doubled in size and moved to a new office location to accommodate their entire team. Their client retention rate is on the rise, which helps boost their monthly recurring revenue, and trial users are increasingly returning to convert for a sale for the first time!

It’s a very exciting time for this young company! This is what happens when AdVenture Marketing partners with a business. We’re not in it for the short game; we are here for the long haul. Our success is 100% dependent on your success. As your numbers increase, so do ours. We do not prey on making big bucks off people regardless of how well their business does; we are motivated to help your business succeed!

Reach out to us today! We would love to listen to your story and help your business reach its full potential through Facebook ads. With nearly half of the global population active on Facebook every month, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Help us increase your reach and your business. 
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